Enjoy the nature around you. Here you can hear the voices of arctic loons in the darkening evenings and admire gorgeous osprays gliding high above you in the blue skies.


Would you like to explore something important and find new solutions in your life? Then book a confidential coaching session with your hostess Raija. Your private coaching session lasts 1,5 h. The coaching can be completed by hiking or by sitting and discussing by the lakeside. Raija has the highest international accreditation by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (Master Practitioner, EIA) in coaching and she has completed a PhD study on coaching of international managers at the University of Vaasa, department of management in 2017. She was nominated by Corporate Vision ‘the executive coach of the year 2021, Nordic.’ For further information on Raija and coaching, please visit the website www.crossnomads.com and www.johtajuuspuhetta.fi.

Trips with a skipper

Would you like to experience the beauty of the grand lake Päijänne by boating? We can take you e.g. to a lunch trip to the harbor of Korpilahti. There is also an interesting Höyry Gallery, full of beautiful pieces of art. What about dinner at Vehrytnoukka or Juurikkasaari in Jyväskylä? Worthwhile visiting is also the summer residence of the famous architect Alvar Aalto in Muuratsalo. At the residence you can participate in a guided tour (should bee booked in advance). The motor boat is Falcon 5 BR, 80 hp and it is equipped with a rain hood. Muuratsalo is also a great place to visit due its magnificent nature! Tell us about your wishes!

Peat treatment in sauna

Finnish peat is lifted up from a swamp by hand and it is known to be beneficial for your wellbeing & health. The peat increases metabolism and its bioactive ingredients such as humic, fulvic acids, Mg, Mo, si, Fe and Zn moisturize and clean your skin. It relaxes your muscles and it reduces swelling. Peat has been utilized for centuries for treating different kind of injuries and it has a pain decreasing effect. Finnish peat is a 100 % natural product. The combination of sauna, peat treatment and massage increase peat’s therapeutic effects.
Please note, that the full body peat treatment is NOT recommend for people with heart problems or high blood pressure, patients with active cancer or pregnant women.

You have 3 different choices to experience peat treatment. You can
1) A relaxing peat treatment in sauna
2) Peat treatment, sauna and massage: (Please note that you can order the traditional Finnish smoke sauna with an extra charge to be heated for you. The heat of the smoke sauna is very gentle)
3) Full body peat compress treatment & massage (without sauna). In this relaxing massage session Minna, our professional masseur, treats your full body.

A relaxing peat treatment in sauna 35€ / person
In the gentle heat of the sauna you can yourself apply peat on your body by following carefully the given instructions. Let the peat stay for 20 minutes on your skin after which you wash it away. We recommend that you would combine the peat treatment with a heavenly massage given by Minna, our professional masseur.

The effect of the peat treatment
This treatment decreases tensions in your body and enhances wellbeing. After the treatment it is recommend just to relax and drink water.

Peat treatment with massage 60€ /person
60 minutes.

Peat Treatment with heated packages & massage 75€/ person
Peat Treatment with heated packages. First, warm peat compresses (40 degrees of celsius) are laid on your lower limbs, back and shoulders. The peat is covered with plastic wrap and thermal packs are placed on top. While letting them warm up your muscles, Minna massages first your head and upper limbs. Then she treats your lower limbs, back and shoulders. If needed, suctions cups can be used to treat the fascia. At the end the peat is removed with warm bath towels.
The massage takes ca. 75 minutes.

Book here: https://hideawayglamping.com/en/contact

Smokesauna (available in 2023)

Smokesauna max. for 6 persons (the heating takes 5 h) 270 eur (available in 2023) You can also combine a smoke sauna and peat treatment.